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A Toast to Your Drinking Water

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In early May, we celebrated life’s most precious resource, your water. May 1-7 was National Drinking Water Week, which highlights the vital role water plays in our daily lives, and how – while here in the United States we have the luxury of turning on the tap and knowing that treated, regularly tested drinking water flows into our homes – nearly 1 billion people lack access to safe water and nearly 2.5 billion lack improved sanitation facilities.

“Drinking Water Week is an opportunity to focus on the importance of water, which is too easily overlooked,” said American Water Works Association Executive Director David LaFrance. “A safe, reliable water supply is essential to the success of any community. In addition to keeping us hydrated, water also supports the economy, prevents fires, and provides us with the high quality of life we enjoy.”

For Loudoun Water’s Central Service customers, your drinking water comes from contractual agreements with Fairfax Water (Potomac River) and the City of Fairfax (Goose Creek). Customers who live in one of our Community Systems receive their water from wells within the community. The water is treated on-site before flowing into the individual Community System’s distribution system.

You can learn more about your drinking water by visiting our website, We have information on drinking water quality, drinking water treatment, information about plumbing and pipes related to your home, and our current rate structure, which covers the our operation and maintenance costs of providing the water and wastewater services to residents and businesses in our service area.

While you’re visiting our website, please take a moment to read about what we’re doing to ensure the future of your drinking water supply through our Potomac River Water Supply and Raw Water Storage Plan. This plan provides Loudoun Water the opportunity to store raw, untreated water in retired quarries, as well as building our own intake and drinking water treatment plant.

Kids can learn about drinking water too. There are activities online to help children understand and better appreciate why their parents are always telling them to hurry up in the shower or to stop playing with the water hose.

How much water did you use today? Water use diary
How do we use fresh water? Informational handout
Water Maze activity

For adults

Calculate your water use interactive calculator
H2Ouse – tips to save water throughout the house
Frequently Asked Questions

We created a short video last year for Fix-a-Leak week. The message applies to Drinking Water Week as well. Let’s all raise a glass of tap water as we celebrate drinking water week.