Community Systems

What Are Community Systems? 
Community Water and Wastewater Systems are free standing water and wastewater systems whereby water may be supplied to a rural village or hamlet by its own community well and wastewater may be treated in the village/hamlets by the village's own packaged treatment facility. Highly treated wastewater (effluent) is discharged in most cases on site or, in a few cases, to local streams/rivers. Community system capacities are limited in nature and may not be designed to provide all of the amenities offered by the central system, such as fire flow and lawn watering. Such amenities would be cost prohibitive and/or unsustainable for these financially self-supporting, rural groundwater systems. Your water systems must be managed prudently. To that end, each Community has a permitted capacity that should not be exceeded. The permitted capacity for each Community works out to approximately 500 gallons per day per house (some systems are slightly higher, some are slightly lower). The median daily winter water use (water use inside the home) of all of our Community Systems customers is approximately 170 gallons per day. Following the target daily use of 500 gallons per day, per home to meet permitted capacity, leaves approximately 330 gallons of water for lawn watering. For that reason, Loudoun Water recommends against landscapes with high water requirements in Community Systems.

Our Community Systems

Beacon Hill

Courtland Rural Village 

Village Green at Elysian Heights

Lenah Run

Raspberry Falls

Selma Estates

 The Reserve at Rokeby

Community Systems Monthly Rates

Developer Initiated Community Systems Rates Frequently Asked Questions
Proposed changes to Community Systems Rates effective February 1, 2013 
Community Systems Rates, Rules, and Regulations
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Community Systems Rate Increase Approval Press Release - Februrary 10, 2012

Community Systems Rates (Excluding Courtland Rural Village and Lenah Run)
Courtland Rural Village and Lenah Run Rates 

The approved rates are as follows: 

Community SystemsCommunity Systems TiersMonthly Consumption Range (gallons)2013
Rate per 1,000 gallons
Rate per 1,000 gallons
Rate per 1,000 gallons
WaterTier 10 - 8,4002.992.993.03
WaterTier 28,401 - 24,4007.177.177.32
WaterTier 3> 24,4009.299.299.46
Wastewatern/auniform rate per 1,000 gallons10.2710.9011.34


A Basic (fixed) Charge for water and wastewater will be billed monthly as follows: 

Residential Basic Charges2013 rate2014 rate2015 rate


Commercial Basic Water ChargeMeter SizeRate Commercial Basic Wastewater ChargeMeter SizeRate
 5/8" meter$10.04  5/8" meter$21.35
 3/4" meter$15.06  3/4" meter$32.03
 1" meter$34.14 1" meter$72.59
 1 1/2" meter$55.22 1 1/2" meter$117.43
 2" meter$90.36 2" meter$192.15
 3" meter$150.60 3" meter$320.25
 4" meter$251.00 4" meter$533.75
 6" meter$502.00 6" meter$1,067.50


Additional Information
Rate Report Transmittal Letter, January 26, 2012
E-mail to Community Systems Customers , January 26, 2012
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Letter and comparison charts  for Public Hearing on Community Systems rates
Frequently Asked Questions 
Community Systems Rate Methodology 
Community Systems Water and Wastewater rates
(Courtland receives Central water and Community Systems wastewater)
Annual Water Quality Report
Citizen Advisory Group Meeting Summary (June 2009)
Citizen Advisory Group Meeting Summary (July 2009)