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We’re Replacing Your Meters

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Wow, it's already June. So how is your New Year's Resolution coming along? We're still going strong on our list. Here's an update for number two from our top 10 resolution redux.

The meter upgrade also places us one step further toward monthly billing. The meter's transmitter can store 2.7 years of water usage history. It stores a reading every hour and the data can be extracted to show time and date, consumption, and possible leaks.

For customers who are interested, they can purchase a magnetic water meter monitor to read and monitor their water use at any given time. This could come in handy for explaining how much water is being used by those long showers.

Due to the mechanical work performed, you may experience air in your water lines. This air could cause irregular water pressure or milky colored water. Running cold water through the tap for a few minutes should eliminate any air in the line and your water pressure should return to normal. If after a period of 24 hours you are still experiencing a problem, please notify our Customer Service Department at 571.291.7880.

We’re currently changing out meters in the Belmont area, and then we’ll move on to South Riding, then Lowe’s Island. So you might see us in your neighborhood soon.

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