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Your Payment Method Questions Answered

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As a reminder, auto-debt is currently unavailable, but we are diligently working toward a new payment solution. Please use one of our alternate payment methods when submitting any payments. We thank you for your patience! We'll have more information to come soon.

While we cannot offer auto-debt at this time, we have several other payment methods in place for your convenience. You can pay online free of charge, pay by phone, mail a check, or visit our facility and make a payment in person. 

If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service team at 571.291.7880.

In light of recent area utility scams, if you receive a phone call regarding your service and want to confirm you are speaking with a Loudoun Water representative, we encourage you to either call us back at 571.291.7880 or call us at 1.866.539.1988.

Join us this Weekend!

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It's a busy weekend for Loudoun Water with two great events! On Saturday, we'll be at the South Riding Business Expo & Community Yard Sale from 8 a.m. to noon at the South Riding Center. For more information, visit their website. Then on Sunday, Loudoun Water staff will be at the 7th Annual Earth Day at Loudoun Family Festival on Sunday, April 26 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information about the event, visit their website.  

We'll be giving out water bottles, shower timers, and other great goodies that will help you conserve water at both events! Our team will be on hand to share information about how to spot a leak, tips for conserving water during summer months, and updates about our Potomac Water Supply Program. Hope you can join us for this fun event!

Earth Day 2015



Proper Disposal of Leftover Paint

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Leftover paint cans pose a special issue since they may contain chemicals that are dangerous to the environment and toxic to humans and animals. The kind of paint (water-based latex or oil-based) determines the kind of storage and disposal required.

While there are different disposal methods for water-based latex paint and oil-based paint, it’s important to remember to NEVER pour paint down the storm drain. These drains flow directly to local streams and rivers, and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. This not only puts plants and animals at risk, but it pollutes our water supply.

How to Dispose Paint

Water-based Latex Paint

  • Temporarily remove the lid from latex paint so it can dry out. Make sure it’s in a well ventilated area away from children and pets. Once dry, the paint and bucket can be thrown away in the trash.
  • Use old newspaper to wipe off as much latex residue as possible from paint brushes and pans before washing them. Never clean them in the street or near a storm drain.


Oil-Based Paint

  • Old-based paint is considered household hazardous waste (HHW)and must be disposed of at an HHW collection site. For a schedule of collection dates, visit Loudoun County’s website at:


Annual Flushing Begins March 23, 2015

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It’s springtime and that means Loudoun Water will begin to conduct annual hydrant flushing to ensure high standards of water quality and proper operation of valves and fire hydrants. The flushing cleans out sediment and other particles that accumulate naturally in water mains. This year, flushing will start the week of March 23rd and will continue for approximately 12 weeks.

There are over 9,300 hydrants that must be maintained in the Loudoun Water System. The flushing of hydrants around the service area will have no effect on water usage.

To see when Loudoun Water crews will be in your area, you can follow us on Twitter at or click here for our hydrant flushing map. We will be providing daily updates to the areas crews are expected to be working in.

For more information about hydrant flushing, 
click here.

Fix a Leak Week 2015

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According to the EPA, more than 1 TRILLION gallons of water are wasted each year due to household leaks. These leaks can increase a water bill by as much as 10 percent! That’s why Loudoun Water is encouraging you to celebrate Fix A Leak Week by finding and fixing water leaks in your home. Easy leaks to check for include:

Leaky sinks can be a major source of water waste, and cost you money. The trick to fixing a leaky faucet is to know what kind you have. There are several different types of faucets including a compression faucet, a ceramic disk faucet, a ball-type faucet and a cartridge faucet. The compression faucets are usually of the two-handled variety. The ball-type and cartridge faucets are the single lever faucets commonly found in the kitchen. Faucet leaks are usually caused by worn-out seals. Since each type of faucet requires different materials to fix the leak, it is best to consult your local hardware store for the most accurate information or parts you'll need to fix it.

The toilet flapper is located at the bottom of the tank and seals the tank drain until the handle is pushed. If the seal is not tight, leakage can occur, resulting in the toilet unexpectedly refilling or making running water sounds. To check if the toilet flapper is working properly, there are two tests you can do:

Shred some toilet paper and toss it into the bowl. Flush the toilet and see if all the paper is gone. If it is not, then the flapper setting needs to be adjusted.

Add a few drops of food coloring to the tank behind the bowl. Wait 10 minutes without flushing. If the color appears in the bowl, the flapper is likely defective or leaking. Loudoun Water has free dye tablets available for customers to use upon request.

For further information regarding how to replace the toilet flapper, consult your local hardware store. If you need to replace the toilet, visit 
EPA's WaterSense for a list of water efficient brands.

Beaverdam Creek Reservoir Will Temporarily Re-open to the Public June 1

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Loudoun Water Board Chairman Johnny Rocca, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York and Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority Parks Executive Director Paul Gilbert announced today that Beaverdam Creek Reservoir will temporarily re-open to the public on June 1, 2015. The next phase of construction is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2016 at which time public access will be restricted again. Planners anticipate that the facility be open to the public permanently in 2018.

“We are pleased with the amount of work our team has accomplished over the past several months on the reservoir,” said Rocca. “We have a much better sense of the integrity of the infrastructure and the character of the reservoir as a whole. While the overall project schedule remains unchanged, this clarity provides us with a window of opportunity for the public to safely enjoy the reservoir and its surroundings.”

Chairman York applauded Loudoun Water’s efforts to protect and upgrade this drinking-water resource while at the same time working with NOVA Parks to open the Beaverdam Reservoir for public recreation.

“This facility is a very valuable asset to Loudoun Water’s business of providing drinking water to its customers,” said York. “While the primary purpose of the reservoir is a drinking-water resource, it is also a wonderful recreational amenity. I’m delighted that we are present today to hear that Loudoun Water, working with NOVA Parks, will be able to temporarily open Beaverdam for public use beginning this summer.”

Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks agreed to a temporary arrangement for the park authority to manage the property when it opens on June 1, 2015. Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks will develop a separate, permanent agreement for managing the property beyond 2018 when construction is expected to be complete.

"We are thrilled with the decision to open the reservoir to the public and we are honored to have the opportunity to manage this area as a park,” said Gilbert. “We have a lot of experience managing parkland that is also a natural buffer for drinking water. We would like to thank Chairman York and the Loudoun Water Board and management for this partnership opportunity."


For Immediate Release:    Media Contact:  Sue Crosby, Manager Outreach/Education 
March 6, 2015     571.291.7893

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Beaverdam Creek Reservoir

  • In January 2014, Loudoun Water purchased the 600-acre Beaverdam Creek Reservoir and surrounding land along with the Goose Creek Reservoir, Goose Creek Water Treatment Plant and water transmission pipeline along the W&OD Trail to the Fairfax County line.

  • Public access was restricted on April 22, 2014 to evaluate the property for safety and repair needs.

  • Over the past year, Loudoun Water has taken the following actions as part of the repair and maintenance plan for the reservoir:    

    • Completed a drawdown of the reservoir
    • Replaced deteriorated gate valves in the inlet control tower
    • Conducted detailed topographic mapping of the reservoir in its drawn down state, which allowed for accurate calculation of reservoir water storage volume.
    • Performed geotechnical subsurface explorations

  • Temporarily opening Beaverdam now balances Loudoun Water’s responsibility to protect and maintain the reservoir as a long-term drinking water resource with the community’s desire for a recreational destination.

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March-April Customer Newsletter Available

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On Tap is now available! Click to access the March/April customer newsletter, On Tap. This issue contains information regarding:

    • Hydrant flushing.
    • Annual irrigation backflow testing.
    • Water color explanations.
    • How to sign up for Alert Loudoun and Loudoun Water notifications.

As a reminder, you can always find up-to-date seasonal reminders and notifications on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also sign up on the homepage to have the newsletter emailed to you bi-monthly.