October 12, 2017

At Loudoun Water it is our mission to sustainably manage water resources in advocacy of health, environment and quality of life. We pledge to bring our customers clean, healthy water that is safe to drink.

Throughout the year our staff visits many elementary, middle and high schools to talk about the importance of infrastructure, protecting our watersheds, and how we treat our water and wastewater. Often these students admit that they take water and wastewater treatment for granted. We live in an area where we can turn on the faucet, flush our toilets and fill bathtubs without a second thought.

Could you imagine a day without water? Without safe, reliable water and wastewater service?

A day without water means no water comes out of your faucet to brush your teeth. There’s no coffee to get you through your early morning. Flushing the toilet does nothing. It also means firefighters do not have water to put out fires, farmers can’t water their crops, and doctors can’t wash their hands before they treat patients.

A day without water is nothing short of a crisis. America can do better.

The problems that face our drinking water and wastewater systems are multi-faceted. Systems have been underfunded for too long. The infrastructure is aging and in need of investment, while drought, flooding, and climate change all place extra pressure on our water and wastewater systems. Different regions face different water challenges, so the solutions to strengthen our drinking water and wastewater systems must be locally driven. But reinvestment in our water must be a national priority.

The good news is while the challenges are great, our capacity for innovation is greater. Our staff will come back from school visits with stories about how enthusiastic the students were when learning about the challenges our country faces. They have grand ideas and a new way of thinking. They are our future.

Investing in our drinking water and wastewater systems, secures a bright and prosperous future for generations to come. We need to invest in our local water systems. Public officials at the local, state, and national level must prioritize investment in water, because no American should ever have to live a day without water.

To see the current projects occurring in your community, visit our Current Projects page, which is regularly updated with information about everything happening at Loudoun Water.