To promote demand management, irrigation systems should be designed to limit the maximum daily demand required on a given day. Designs should consider type of vegetation, soil absorption rates, slow and steady watering, evaporation rates, and other factors to avoid super saturating the soil, resulting in runoff.

All water meters, including those used for irrigation, are sized based on the instantaneous rate of demand. Once sized, the maximum daily demand through the meter is used to assess availability charges. Availability charges are assessed based on the table below if the water capacity purchased for a given size meter will satisfy the estimated maximum daily demand required. Availability charges are assessed by multiplying the estimated maximum daily usage (demand) in gallons per day by $11.84 if the anticipated maximum daily demand exceeds the water capacity for a given size meter or for meters greater than 2".

Meter Size Water Availablity  Total Water Capacity Purchased (gallons per day)
3/4" $9,771.00 825
1" $19,542.00 1,650
1.5" Rotary $42,341.00 3,575
2" Rotary $78,168.00 6,600

For any customer, the Authority reserves the right to determine, on an annual basis, the actual quantity of water used as compared to the purchased capacity. Actual use in excess of the anticipated use shall require a recalculation of and may require an increase in the system demand charge (availability fee).