Federal: 40 CFR Part 403.8 (f) (2) of the National Pretreatment Program regulations:

(2) Procedures. The POTW shall develop and implement procedures to ensure compliance with the requirements of a Pretreatment Program. At a minimum, these procedures shall enable the POTW to:

(i) Identify and locate all possible Industrial Users which might be subject to the POTW Pretreatment Program. Any compilation, index or inventory of Industrial Users made under this paragraph shall be made available to the Regional Administrator or Director upon request;

(ii) Identify the character and volume of pollutants contributed to the POTW by the Industrial Users identified under paragraph (f)(2)(i) of this section. This information shall be made available to the Regional Administrator or Director upon request;

(iii) Notify Industrial Users identified under paragraph (f)(2)(i) of this section, of applicable Pretreatment Standards and any applicable requirements under sections 204(b) and 405 of the Act and subtitles C and D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Within 30 days of approval pursuant to 40 CFR 403.8(f)(6), of a list of significant industrial users, notify each significant industrial user of its status as such and of all requirements applicable to it as a result of such status.

State:  9VAC25-740-150 Management of pollutants from significant industrial users

A reclamation system that receives source water from a wastewater treatment works having SIUs shall not be permitted to produce reclaimed water meeting Level 1 standards, unless:

  1. The wastewater treatment works providing source water to the reclamation system is a publicly owned treatment works as defined in the VPDES Permit Regulation (9VAC25-31-10), and has a pretreatment program required by and developed in accordance with procedures described in Part VII of the VPDES Permit Regulation (9VAC25-31-730 et seq.); or
  2. The reclamation system has evaluated source water from the treatment works for pollutants of concern discharged by SIUs to the treatment works, and has confirmed that such pollutants shall not interfere with the ability of the wastewater treatment works to produce source water suitable for the production of reclaimed water meeting Level 1 standards and any other standards required in accordance with 9VAC25-740-70 D. All such evaluations by the reclamation system shall be submitted to the board for review and approval, and shall be repeated for each new SIU that proposes to discharge to the treatment works prior to commencing such discharge. The reclamation system shall maintain a current inventory of SIUs discharging to the treatment works.