Loudoun Water assesses availability charges on all service connections. Payment of availability charges purchase capacity in Loudoun Water’s system.  Loudoun Water also assesses a permit fee and meter charge for each connection.

In most cases, the availability charges are based upon the size of meter needed to convey the adequate flow and an associated ERC value (Table 1 – Availability Charges Based on Meter Size). However, for high demand customers, multi-family buildings, hotels, hospitals, and large connections, the charge may be based on an estimate of the customer’s demands. 

To provide guidance on estimating availability charges Loudoun Water has provided a list of appropriate meter sizes for a number of uses. Please see the Availability Charges page for more information on choosing the correct meter size and for information on when the above table may not apply to your application. 

Table 2: Common Meter Sizes and their Costs

Meter Size

Meter Cost

¾” Residential


1" Residential with Fire Line* $285.00

¾” Commercial




1.5” C2


2” C2


3” C2


1.5” McCrometer


2” McCrometer


3” McCrometer


*Requires testable backflow assembly.
The customer pays for the cost of the meter prior to installation. The meter size is determined by the Loudoun Water project engineer and the consulting engineer based on the maximum instantaneous demand needed at the premise. 

Table 3: Permit Charges


Sewer (per lateral)

Water (per service line)




Commercial / Industrial



Loudoun Water charges permit fees to offset the cost of inspecting the building sewer lateral and water service line. If your lateral fails the inspection another permit fee may be imposed.