Description of Project:

This project includes a full exterior and interior coating of a 2,500,000-gallon fluted column elevated water storage tank along with several misc. improvements such as:

  • Foundation repair at tank doors.

  • Installation of roof handrail and painter’s railing.

  • Replacement of roof hatches and vents.

  • Replacement of valves for draining the tank.

  • Installation of sample piping.

 The Tank is located near the intersection of Belmont Ridge Rd. and Dulles Greenway (VA-267) and the street address is 21270 Belmont Ridge Rd, Ashburn VA 20148. This maintenance project will extend the useful life of the Broadlands Tank 1 by protecting the tank from corrosion (and by extension protecting water quality) and improving safety for O&M staff.

Phase 1 of this project started on 10/16/2023 and will end by 5/30/2024. Phase 2 of this project will kick off on 10/15/2024 and end on 12/31/2024. During this time, Customers may notice increased activity and noise at the tank site, and increased traffic.

Broadlands Tank 1 will be offline for the duration of this project. Our Water Operations Team has adequate water capacity to account for Broadlands Tank 1 being offline, and we do not expect any disruptions in water service to our Customers because of this project.


Project Status: 
In Construction