What is reclaimed water? 
Reclaimed water is clear, odorless, recycled water suitable for commercial and industrial applications such as industrial cooling and irrigation. Reclaimed water is not potable water, but is proven cost-effective, safe, and reliable for a variety of applications. Loudoun Water uses state of the art technology to create reclaimed water meeting Level 1 standards—the highest standard of reclaimed water quality. 
What can I use reclaimed water for? 
Loudoun Water treats reclaimed water to Level 1 standards which means you can use reclaimed water for: 
  • Irrigation 
  • Industrial cooling
  • Process water  
  • Toilet flushing 
  • Truck and car wash 
  • Dust control and other construction uses  
Is there a financial incentive to use reclaimed water?
Yes! To help offset the cost of connecting to reclaimed water, the following incentives are available:
No availability charge to connect 
10% potable water backup availability charge
Reclaimed water rate is $1.61 per 1,000 gallons, less than half the rate of potable water.
Financing options may be available
Can I get LEED points for reclaimed water?
Why use reclaimed water instead of potable water? 
Cost-effective and sustainable
Strengthens community infrastructure by reducing stress on local drinking water supplies
Is reclaimed water available to me?
It depends on whether your site is located in the reclaimed water service area—please reference map.  
If I am in the reclaimed water service area, is it mandatory to connect?
No. Use of reclaimed water is not mandatory, but is available as a smart, cost-saving option. Even if you do not connect to the reclaimed water system, Loudoun Water may require reclaimed water easements to support future system expansion.
Can I get water quality information for reclaimed water?

Yes! Water quality information is available by request. Please contact Micah Vieux, Business Programs Manager, at 571-291-7847.

Can I get a tour of the treatment plant?
Yes, for more information please call 571-291-7847.

Who regulates reclaimed water?

Virginia DEQ regulates the production and use of reclaimed water. Loudoun Water submits monthly reports on water quality and consumption to Virginia DEQ. Each reclaimed water customer must hold a reclaimed water use agreement with Loudoun Water and abide by the standards set forth by Virginia DEQ, Loudoun Water’s Reclaimed Water Management Plan and Loudoun Water’s Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (VPDES). 
Can reclaimed water and potable water share the same easement? 
No. The reclaimed water must be identified separately on the plat and the deed.   
Who extends the main?
The landowner is responsible for extending the main.
What do I need to know if I am considering using reclaimed water for irrigation?
Irrigation with reclaimed water must be supplemental. This means that any reclaimed irrigation system must have a rain sensor and moisture sensor that will automatically shut off the system when the ground is saturated. All irrigation piping must comply with the Virginia DEQ labeling and identification standards.