Over the next several months, Loudoun Water will be in selected areas performing preventive maintenance activities that include exercising valves throughout the water system. The purpose of this program is to reduce water loss, improve water quality, and ensure valve reliability in order to minimize potential disruptions in service. If you would like to know when crews will be in your neighborhood, please contact us by calling 571-291-7880.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will this activity affect my water service?
A: It is unlikely that there will be any noticeable change in your water quality or service.

Q: Is water safe to drink?
A: Yes

Q: What do I do if I notice any sediment or discoloration in my water?
A: Run your tap for 1-2 minutes.

Q: Why are the crews flushing hydrants during this activity?
A: To ensure the water in the main remains clear.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed by Loudoun Water’s Customer Relations team by calling 571-291-7880.