Beaverdam Reservoir Park
The Beaverdam Reservoir Park project is the first phase of a long-range plan to provide public amenities and sustainable public access around the 635-acre Beaverdam Reservoir. Beaverdam Reservoir Park will comprise approximately 60-acres of land and will include project elements such as an entrance drive with 10-foot shared bike and pedestrian path from Belmont Ridge Road, approximately 300 parking spaces, a main pavilion, several shelters, a rental boathouse, boardwalks along the reservoir’s edge, a boat dock, and paved and natural trails throughout the site. Additionally, the project requires stream and wetland restoration, construction of stormwater facilities, construction of linear utilities (water, sewer, and power), and general landscaping. Expected to be advertised for bid in Fall 2020.

Goose Creek Emergency Supply Connection
This project includes a 30” HDPE pipeline crossing of the Goose Creek Reservoir, pipeline connections, and boat ramp construction. The pipe will be placed via open cut for the portions leading up to the reservoir bank and laid along the bottom of the reservoir for the sub-aqueous portion. The pipeline connections include a new flow metering vault, a manual power transfer switch and quick disconnect, air release valve manholes and butterfly valve vaults. The boat ramp construction includes a 1,300 foot-long gravel access road to a concrete apron and 40 foot-long articulated concrete block boat ramp. The construction of this project is expected to be advertised for bid in spring 2020.

Russell Branch SPS 
This project includes the development of a green field property to include an approximately 3,700 foot-long paved access road, a new 1.15 MGD wet well/dry well type pump station, and an emergency storage tank.  The project also includes the linear utilities necessary for pump station operation, namely; approximately 3,600 feet of force main, 3,000 feet of gravity sewer, 3,600 feet of water main, storm water culverts, fiber optic extension, and 3-phase power extension.  In addition the project includes the demolition of the existing sewer pump station and startup and commissioning of the new pump station. Expected to be advertised for bid towards the end of 2020.

Quarry A Water Supply Reservoir and Raw Water Pumping Station
Loudoun Water’s Quarry A Raw Water Reservoir and Pumping Station project is the conversion of a retired rock quarry to a 1 billion-gallon raw water reservoir to be connected to Loudoun Water’s existing transmission main between the Potomac River and the Trap Rock Water Treatment Facility. The project includes a new pump station with deep submersible pumps located in a shaft and tunnel system, 3,800-ft of 42-inch diameter pipe and 3,800-ft of 36-inch diameter pipe laid in the same trench, and the stabilization of the existing quarry highwall at specified locations. In addition, portions of the pipeline will require a new 600-ft shaft and tunnel system that goes under Goose Creek. The project is currently under design with advertisement anticipated in late 2019.