Beaverdam Reservoir 

Beaverdam Reservoir is first and foremost a source of public drinking water. Loudoun Water has partnered with NOVA Parks to manage recreational activities and public access. To ensure users can safely enjoy the reservoir, refer to the NOVA Parks website for a full list of rules and regulations: Reservoir and trail users should adhere to proper social distancing guidelines. Public access will be located at the Mount Hope Road entrance. Please note parking may be limited.

Visitors who choose to visit these facilities must adhere to the following guidelines:

·       Stay home if you are sick

·       Avoid congregating in groups

·       Maintain a 6-foot distance between others

·       Avoid touching shared surfaces

·       Take trash with you

·       Wash hands frequently

Please follow posted facility guidelines for your safety and that of park staff. Wear a mask where social distancing may be difficult.

Future plans: Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks are moving forward with the sustainable, innovative design of the future “Beaverdam Reservoir Park.” Efforts on the new park are well-underway.

The Beaverdam Reservoir Park project is the first phase of a long-range plan to provide public amenities and sustainable public access around the 635-acre Beaverdam Reservoir. Beaverdam Reservoir Park will comprise approximately 60-acres of land and will include project elements such as an entrance drive with 10-foot shared bike and pedestrian path from Belmont Ridge Road, approximately 200 parking spaces, a welcome center, several pavilions, a rental boathouse, a crew facility and docks, a maintenance building, educational exhibits, and paved and natural trails throughout the site. Additionally, the project requires construction of stormwater facilities, construction of linear utilities (water, sewer, and power), landscaping, and other miscellaneous construction items. 

Beaverdam Reservoir Timeline:

May 29, 2020: Reservoir Water Access re-opened to the public

2022: Estimated to begin Beaverdam Reservoir Park construction

2023: Estimated Beaverdam Reservoir Park construction completion

Community Input Session Background

Phase 1 Concept Plan

Beaverdam Reservoir December 14, 2016 Open House
The Beaverdam Reservoir Open House took place on December 14, 2016 at the National Recreation and Park Association in Ashburn.

Beaverdam Reservoir Renovation Project Begins November 1, 2016
Beginning November 1, 2016, Beaverdam Reservoir's marked trails will be open for public access from dawn to dusk. During the renovation project, water access will be prohibited. No fishing, boating, paddling or other water activities permitted starting November 1. The park access gate will be closed promptly at dusk.  For more information on the renovation project, please visit our Current Projects page. Look for upcoming information on the next public input session that will be held before the end of the year.

October 2015 Community Input Session:

On October 27, 2015 Loudoun Water and NOVA Parks hosted a community open house at the National Recreation and Park Association to gather input on recreational uses and other ideas to shape the greater vision for Beaverdam Reservoir. The UVA Institute for Environmental Negotiation was also on hand to assist.

Approximately 200 people participated. They represented a broad range of interests, including personal safety, environmental education, recreational use (fishing, rowing, kayaking/canoeing, hiking/trails, mountain biking, and equestrian), nature enthusiasts and local resident perspectives.

This newsletter provides an overview of the meeting and is the first opportunity for the community to review the range of input and ideas provided at the open house.

Beaverdam Reservoir Spring 2017 Update