As you are looking to build in Loudoun County, water and sewer is a key infrastructure and critical path.  It is important to plan early and access the resources available from Loudoun Water. 

Please see Loudoun Water’s service area map. If you are within Loudoun Water’s service area and would like to know more specific information on the water and sewer utilities available to you, please use our Engineering Inquiry Form to request information on your parcel or for general engineering inquiries such as requests for a GIS map of your site, water and sewer availability, as-builts, utility location for site design and an engineer will be back to you within three (3) business days. 

It is highly recommended that you schedule a pre-design meeting with Loudoun Water prior to making submission.  Please fill out and submit at Pre-design Meeting form to set up a meeting. 

Loudoun Water's Rates, Rules and Regulations can be found here.  Other rates that new development may be interested in are:

Wastewater generated by homes and businesses in Loudoun County is collected and treated at the Broad Run Water Reclamation Facility. Typically, treated wastewater effluent is returned to a nearby waterway. At Loudoun Water, our Reclaimed Water Program is partnering with local businesses to put a portion of our treated effluent to use in applications like irrigation and industrial cooling. Using reclaimed water protects our precious drinking water resources, improves local waterways, and saves customers money. 

Additional Reclaimed Water Information: