The Inspections Department is responsible for performing technical construction and quality control inspections of the general day-to-day activities performed in the field, with the purpose of ensuring constructed public water and sewer facilities infrastructure are durable, reliable and meet all specifications. Information regarding pre-construction meetings/agenda, beneficial use and final inspection checklists, obtaining a meter and general information regarding the construction/inspections process and procedures can be found below in these links:

Typical Construction Process Information

  • Loudoun Water has issued a construction permit-  At that time your contractor may request a pre-construction meeting with Loudoun Water.
  • Scheduling a Pre-Construction Meeting – Utilize the Pre-construction Meeting Request to request a meeting after you have received the Loudoun Water construction permit. Below is information to be reviewed prior to the pre-con, as it will be discussed at the meeting.

  • Scheduling a Beneficial Use Inspection – Once you have fulfilled all the requirements for Beneficial Use Inspection (review the Beneficial Use Checklist in the Workflow Informational Packet), utilize the Beneficial Use Inspection Request to request the inspection. ​
    • Note - some commercial/industrial users may require a wastewater discharge permit due to the type of wastewater generated by the business activities. Only projects that receive contact from Loudoun Water must complete this step based on information provided by the new project information request form
  • Temporary Sanitary Sewer Discharge Authorizations - Some facility construction and start-up activities require special monitoring and approval by Loudoun Water for discharge to the sanitary sewer. Refer to the Commercial and Wastewater Industrial Program page and the Temporary Sanitary Discharge Application found within, for more information on the types of activities that require discharge approval. 

  • Preparing for Meter Request - Utilize this step-by-step process to apply for your meter(s)

  • Scheduling a Final Inspection – Once Beneficial Use has been achieved, Loudoun Water engages with our consultant to begin the record drawing process. Loudoun Water will require the record drawings to be completed before a Final Inspection can be requested. Final inspection allows for the construction bond to be reduced/replaced with a 1-year maintenance bond (this does not impact meter release).  Please note, the record drawing process typically takes 3-4 months.

    • Once you have fulfilled all the requirements for Final Inspection (review the Final Inspection Checklist in the Workflow Informational Packet) and the record drawings are complete, Utilize the Final Inspection Request to request the inspection.

  • Maintenance Bond -Once Final Inspection has been passed, your project enters into a one-year maintenance bond (5% of the construction bond). Loudoun Water will conduct an inspection approximately 3 months prior to the maintenance bond expiring. Should the inspection discover any issues, the developer will be notified. The items need to be rectified prior to release of the maintenance bond. 

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