In order for any work to occur, including cut/fill grading activities, which would affect any existing or proposed water/sanitary sewer/reclaimed infrastructure, there must have been construction drawings which were submitted to, reviewed, and approved by Loudoun Water and the project been issued a construction permit from Loudoun Water. The items that Loudoun Water requires for issuing a construction permit will be listed in the approval letter. Submit your Permit Package Submission online. Typical items needed before the construction permit are:

  • A signed construction permit.
  • An executed developer agreement.
  • Acceptable performance bond. The bond amount will be written into your approval letter.
  • Certificate of Insurance from the contractor naming Loudoun Water as certificate holder with the project name and Loudoun Water project ID number on the certificate.
  • Conveyance of all Loudoun Water easements, including any off-site easements.
  • Executed estimated flow acknowledgment form if the commercial buildings shown on the plans will be charged availability fees based on estimated flow. 
  • An approval letter from the Virginia Department of Health if there is water main on the plan that is 30" diameter and larger.
  • A certificate to construct from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality if there is sewer main on the plan that is 16” diameter or larger.
  • Proposed Materials form from Appendix A of the Engineering Design Manual.
  • PDFs of the approved plans scanned at 1:1 at 300 dpi. These shall be transmitted via CD to the project engineer.
  • Payment of inspection, CCTV and record drawing fees. 
  • CADD and pdf files
  • Non Residential Sanitary Sewer Service Request
  • You may also reference the construction permit checklist.

Once the online construction permit request form has been completed and submitted, Loudoun Water will prepare the developer agreement and a construction permit based on the information provided in the construction permit request form. Please expect to receive the un-executed developer agreement and construction permit within 5 working days after submission of the form.

At this point in the process, all information and documents requiring to be executed needs to come from the applicant’s side, the applicant, their contractor, or their consulting engineer. All the information required and mentioned in the approval letter should be compiled and submitted all together in a single package. Once the package has been submitted and received, Loudoun Water will review the information for completeness and accuracy. If satisfactory, expect the signed construction permit to be issued up to 5-10 working days.

When the signed construction permit has been issued from Loudoun Water, your contractor may request a pre-construction meeting with Loudoun Water.

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