In Loudoun County, wastewater is collected and treated in many ways. Most wastewater collection relies on the force of gravity to pull it through miles of pipe, ending at a wastewater treatment facility. Since not every area in the County can benefit from gravity, some areas rely on a pressure system or a pump to facilitate wastewater collection. Pumps can serve one household or many households. Approximately 300 homes served by Loudoun Water have their own wastewater pump (grinder pump). 
Effective September 1, 2015, the grinder pump, owned and serviced by Loudoun Water, as well as the other grinder pump service connection components, owned by the individual customer, will be serviced by Loudoun Water through an agreement with Freemire & Associates.  Please contact Freemire & Associates at 1-888-349-7448 for grinder pump system servicing. 
The brochure contains important information about this updated policy and your responsibilities as a Grinder Pump customer.