Billing and collection are established under the guidelines of Loudoun Water's Central System Rates, Rules and Regulations* (*denotes link will take you to BoardDocs Pro).

Customer Handbook
The Customer Handbook provides customers with a guide to commonly asked questions and needed services as well as providing basic information that will be needed to fulfill your responsibilities.

Billing Schedule   
Water and wastewater bills are mailed every three months. Since all water and wastewater services are used by the customer in advance of the bill, bills are due and payable when received. The bill due date is 30 days from the date on the bill.

Metered Water Usage
Your water usage is metered. All meters are read quarterly based on a 91-day cycle. The metered rates are divided into tiers. For customers with partial billing periods (i.e., less than 75 days for a quarterly bill or less than 25 days for a monthly bill), the consumption amount per tier and basic charge will be prorated based on the number of days service is rendered during the billing cycle. 

Late Payments and Reminders 
Bills are considered late when a payment is not received on or before the due date. If an account remains unpaid after this date, a 10% late fee is automatically charged to the account. 

Reminder Notice 
Reminder notices are mailed when a payment has not been received by the due date. The reminder notices will automatically include the 10% late fee. 

These notices provide a revised due date and a service disconnection date. Failure to receive this notice does not exempt customers from payment. Every attempt is made to reach customers by mail, e-mail or by phone to discuss a past due bill before the scheduled termination date.

In the event an account becomes past due, please call our Customer Relations department at 571-291-7880 as soon as possible so we may work with you and discuss possible payment arrangements to prevent disconnection.

Disconnections and Reconnections   
If a bill is not paid in full on or before the final due date, or the date agreed upon if a payment arrangement is granted, a $45 fee will be charged to the account and services will be disconnected.

While partial payments are accepted, they will not prevent services from being disconnected for non-payment.

Reconnections of Service
Past due balances and all fees must be paid before service will be restored. If payment is made before 3 p.m. on the disconnect day, staff will make every attempt to reconnect services on that day, but it may take up to one full business day to restore your service.

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