The Loudoun Water Procurement Department is responsible for purchasing, renting, leasing, or otherwise acquiring commodities, services, construction and professional services for Loudoun Water; management of procurement policies and guidelines; and the management and disposal of surplus property. We strive to partner with vendors to secure quality goods and services in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost, while ensuring that purchasing actions are conducted fairly and impartially. We are committed to providing the necessary resources that establish a foundation in supporting Loudoun Water’s mission to sustainably manage water resources in advocacy of health, environment and quality of life.

Contact Information
Loudoun Water Procurement Department
44865 Loudoun Water Way | Ashburn, Virginia 20147
Phone: 571-291-7700 | E-mail:

Supplier Registration

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Bid Opportunities

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Invoice Payments

In order to ensure prompt payment, suppliers and contractors should prepare invoices in the same format as the associated purchase order or contract. Invoices should be legible, complete and accurate. Submission of invoices by e-mail to is preferred. Loudoun Water’s preferred method of payment is by p-card for payments under $10,000. ACH payments are also utilized. In the event one of these two payment options is not possible, Loudoun Water will make invoice payments by check.

Surplus Property Sales

Loudoun Water offers a wide variety of surplus supplies, equipment and vehicles for sale throughout the year. Public Surplus, an online auction site, is utilized for the advertisement and competitive bidding of Loudoun Water surplus property. For more information about Public Surplus and Loudoun Water Online Auctions, contact