If you are a homeowner and wish for a tenant to start service at your property, you must fill out the following information prior to the tenant starting service.

Homeowner Responsibilities
Complete the Homeowner Authorization form prior to Loudoun Water providing water and sewer service at their property location.

  • A one-time $30 account fee for the life of the account will be charged.
  • Tenants are required to pay an advance payment fee within 48 hours of establishing their account. If your tenant fails to make the payment within 48 hours, the account is then placed in the homeowner's name. 

Tenant Responsibilities
Pay an advance payment fee based on meter size.

  • Residential advance payment fee is $200.00 and are due at the time of account set-up.
  • Commercial account advance payment fees vary depending on the size of the meter at the commercial location.
  • Advance payment fees are held until a tenant’s account is closed and will be applied to the final bill.
  • Call Loudoun Water to establish service after the homeowner has completed the Homeowner Authorization form.

For All Tenants: Tenants will be required to pay a Tenant Advance Payment fee of $200.00 before new service will be provided. The advance payment fee will be held until the tenant's account is closed and then applied to the final bill. We are unable to waive the advance payment fee for tenants unless they provide documentation as requested in 15.2-2119 and 15.2-5139 Code of Virginia relating to fees for water and sewer systems Section H. In accordance with the Code of Virginia § 15.2-2119.4 – Homeowners shall receive a written copy of their tenants’ past due payment reminders prior to ceasing the supply of water and sewer.

Bank Owned Properties
In lieu of the Homeowner Authorization form, a listing agreement will be required for bank owned properties before water and sewer service will be provided to a listing agent.

Automatic Revert to Owner
Loudoun Water maintains an “Owner Status” account for a rental property whether or not the property is occupied by tenants. When the property is rented, the tenant must contact Loudoun Water to open an account and initiate service in their name. This will ensure the tenant is billed directly.  

Loudoun Water will deactivate the tenant's account when notified by the tenant of their intent to vacate the property or if the homeowner calls to put service back in their name. The account will shift to “Owner Status” and the billing reverts back to the property owner. Service is NOT deactivated; the water remains ON.

The property owner is responsible for any unpaid balance for the account after Loudoun Water has attempted to collect any outstanding balance from the tenant.

Submitting the homeowner authorization form indicates your acceptance of these terms.


Homeowner Authorization Form