The purpose of the Product Review Committee is to evaluate new and established methods and materials of construction and to determine their suitability for specific applications with Loudoun Water’s water, wastewater and reclaimed water systems.  Determinations by the committee serve as a basis for standardized specifications on all land development jobs and to document practices.  The approved materials list will apply to capital projects as specified in the construction contract for each capital project. Please follow the procedure below in order to make application for a product to be considered. 
Making Application
All requests for consideration of new products shall be sent to the Product Review Coordinator, Kevin Carswell, 44865 Loudoun Water Way, Ashburn, VA 20147,
The applicant will be responsible for providing the Product Review Coordinator with all information and samples needed to evaluate the product. Applications in electronic format are encouraged.  Requests shall include all applicable items below, but shall not be limited to:
  • A list of all standards (ANSI/AWWA, ASTM, etc.) to which the product conforms, and any certifications (UL, ASSE, etc.) of the product.
  • Adequate shop drawings and design information.
  • Brochures and/or other product information. 
  • Location of the manufacturer’s plant. 
  • Location of distribution point and the nearest retail outlet. 
  • Information about availability of spare parts and service. 
  • Terms of warranty. 
  • A 5-year history of the product, documenting its performance. 
  • User references, with contact persons and telephone numbers.
Whenever possible, a committee meeting will be scheduled within 60 days of the receipt of a complete request.  The committee will deliberate on the material with the use of the application, product demonstration, trial of use and past experience with the material by staff in order to make a recommendation to either accept or deny the request to be added to the approved materials list.  
For more information please review the Product Review Committee guidelines, found in Appendix G (Approved Materials List) portion of the Engineering Design Manual.