lawn with leaf
August 11, 2017

Hot summer temperatures can do a lot of damage to lawns, causing them to brown and become patchy. Instead of trying to overseed or lay new sod while it's still very hot out, take steps to ensure you are optimizing your efforts and water usage. 

What is overseeding? It's when you plant grass seen directly into the existing turf without having to tear up your lawn or soil as a way to fill in bare spots and increase the density of your grass.

In our Northern region, the best time to overseed your lawn is in the fall and early spring when the soil is warm but the air remains cooler. There are many benefits of planting during this time including fewer weeds for the new grass to compete with, fallen leaves from trees provide extra cover, and there is still a lot of sunlight! 

Planting in the summer means you are constantly battling the heat which means extra watering, time and attention. For more tips about the type of seed to choose and methods for laying it, contact a local nursery to get started.