November 13, 2017

Thanksgiving should be filled with good food, family time and friends - not emergency calls to a plumber because of a backed up pipe. Avoid the mistake of pouring fats, oils and grease (FOG) down the drain. The holidays are often the time when families are frying food that contains a large amount of FOGs. 

Over time, the FOGs stick to the sides of sewer pipes on your property and in our sewer system. Over time the grease builds up, hardens and blocks the pipes, causing costly damage that is unpleasant to deal with. These backups are often smelly and can damage the environment.

When there is grease build up in the public sewer system, this can cause blockages, which keep pipes from functioning properly. In extreme cases, this can cause sewer backups into homes and/or streets, which requires costly cleaning and maintenance.

Easy tips for keeping fats oils and grease out of your pipes and our sewer system:

  • Scrape all food scraps and grease from plates, pots, pans and utensils into the trash can.
  • Pour leftover FOGs into an empty jar or can. Once the grease cools and becomes solid, you can throw it into the trash!
  • Keep FOGs out of the dishwasher and garbage disposal. Running hot water to get rid of grease only pushes further down the pipes.

This holiday season, remember to protect your pipes by properly disposing of FOGs. Enjoy time with your family without the worry about potential backups!