March 18, 2020

Need a fun lesson for the kids while they’re home? This is an easy one that doesn’t require many materials. Water cycle in a bag! This activity is also posted on our Instagram stories.

This is a great way to talk about how water turns into a gas through a process called evaporation. In nature, evaporated water goes into the atmosphere, but in our bag, it has no where to go so it will stick to the sides, turning back into a liquid as condensation. The condensation will then slide back into a pool of water as “rain.”

We’re working on some more activities this week. If you have any special topic requests, let us know!

Step one 
Draw you water cycle on a zip lock bag: Precipitation, collection, evaporation and condensation

Step two
Fill your bag with water

Step three
Add a couple drops of food dye for fun

Step four
Tape your water cycle bag to a window that receives sunlight. Check back later for an update!


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