May 08, 2017

Loudoun Water joins water utilities around the country to celebrate Drinking Water Week by recognizing the vital role that water plays in daily lives. This year's Drinking Water week will focus on the ways in which water consumers can take personal responsibility in caring for their drinking water at home and in the community.

This includes knowing how to find and fix leaks, caring for our home's pipes and knowing about the current construction projects in our community. For younger audiences, Loudoun Water has an interactive exhibit called the Aquiary, which has hundreds of visitors per year. Local community groups and children are invited to visit and gain a better understanding about where our drinking water comes from and how it is treated. A lot of work goes on to make sure our customers are receiving clean, healthy drinking water.

Additionally, Loudoun Water publishes annual consumer confidence water quality reports each year as a requirement under the Safe Drinking Water Act. These reports provide information about where your water comes from, what's added, how it is treated, tests that are performed, information on fluoride, and quality evaluation. We encourage you to take the time to read through them and contact our Customer Relations team with any questions you may have at 571-291-7880.