Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request

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Fire flow tests are conducted to measure real world capacity in the water system. A fire flow test is performed for a specific area by using three fire hydrants. A cap pressure gauge is placed on one hydrant to record the static pressure. The remaining two hydrants are opened to allow water to flow out as fast as possible. A hand-held pitot pressure gauge is used to measure the residual pressure while the hydrants are flowing. Each of the three hydrants will flow between 500 and 2,000 gallons per minute. The residual pressure is recorded at the first hydrant while the other hydrants are opened, measuring the drop in water pressure. The results of the fire flow test are reviewed by engineering staff and then recorded into the fire flow test database. Results of the tests are available upon request to customers who have a need for the results. 

When the form is filled out online, an engineer will provide you with the most recent flow test in the vicinity of the requested address free of charge. Please note that flow tests that are over a year old will not be accepted by the fire marshal for design purposes.  

Please note that this form will not automatically generate a new test. If you need a new test performed in the area please notify the engineer and he or she will create a work order and invoice. Fire flow tests cost $350 and take approximately 2-3 weeks to complete upon receipt of your check. Please do not send in a check until you have an invoice. 

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