Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request

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Loudoun Water hydrant flow tests are conducted to measure water flows and pressure in the water system. Hydrant flow tests are required primarily for fire sprinkler design and insurance purposes. 

Loudoun Water recommends modeling new developments using a supply reservoir with an elevation set to the low HGL of the pressure zone. Hydrant flow tests will be used as confirmation of local system characteristics as needed.

With the completion of this form, Loudoun Water will provide you with any flow test that has occurred within the last five years in the vicinity of the requested address at no charge.

If there is no existing flow test or the existing flow test does not meet your needs, Loudoun Water will perform a new flow test upon your verification and payment of the invoice.

Fire flow tests cost $350 and take approximately 4 weeks to complete upon receipt of invoice payment.  Loudoun Water payment options can be found via link below.  Please include your invoice number with payment to avoid delay in processing.

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