Pre-design Meeting Request

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As water and sewer are critical infrastructure, we encourage applicants to meet with Loudoun Water early in the process. For your convenience, we have provided a list of questions below, that should be considered prior to requesting a meeting.

Stages at which a meeting with Loudoun Water is recommended:

  • Feasibility
  • Preliminary Plan (just prior to submitting)
  • CPAP
  • Record Plat
  • Site Plan
  • Major Site Plan Revisions

Questions to Guide Meeting Request

  1. Discuss properties adjoining subject property that may require easements, access or extensions for water and/or sewer connectivity.
  2. Discuss where the development will connect into the central water and sewer systems.
  3. Discuss the size of the pipes that will be built with the project if known.
  4. Discuss if water modeling will be required for submission to Loudoun Water.
  5. Discuss when water will be needed for the project as related to the schedule proposed.
  6. Other site specific overall questions.
  7. Questions on Loudoun Water processes.
  8. Are there engineering alternatives that you would like Loudoun Water to consider?
  9. What are the requirements for providing service for each phase?
  10. Availability charges

Note: If there have been significant changes to the project or plan since an initial meeting, applicants are encouraged to meet again prior to moving onto the next stage or phase of development.

Attendees: Land owner and/or developer are strongly encouraged to be in attendance along with the engineer working on the project.

Date and time of meeting request (please provide three choices at least three business days from the date of the request)

Parcel Identification Number(s):

Land Owner and Developer/Tenant Information:

Engineer Information

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