Utility Extension Request (U.E.R.)

Submit a separate UER form for each proposed project phase. Review will not be initiated until the payment of the review fees have been received and processed. This form is also available in a print version. 

Proposed Gross Floor Area
Proposed Dwellings
Owner/Developer (Enter the party who will execute Agreement with Loudoun Water)
Plan Review Fees

Linear Project Plan Review Fee (Linear footages for Revision to Approved Plans shall be based on the amount subject to revision)


Non-linear Project Plan Review Fee

(Not applicable with only linear pipe projects; typically for non-linear water or wastewater projects i.e. pump stations and other vertical construction. Fees due with first submission and then are reassessed at approval.)


File Upload

Please upload the appropriate files:

  • PDFs of the construction plans (plotted to scale at 24”x36” size and minimum of 400 dpi)
  • Bond Form (Construction Cost Estimate)
  • Comment response letter / Revision narrative [as applicable]
  • Loudoun County Fast Track application (signed) [if applicable]
  • Other information [as needed]

Files must be under 40MB in size. If your files are over 40MB or if you are having trouble uploading your files, please submit your UER without attachments and email plansubmission@loudounwater.org. You will be sent a link to securely upload your files.

After submission of the form, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the developer/owner and engineer.  NOTE: If no confirmation email is received within a few minutes, or you experience any issues with the form, please send an email to: plansubmission@loudounwater.org

This webform may display an error message upon submission. Please email plansubmission@loudounwater.org to confirm that we have received your submission.