Loudoun Water's meters allow Loudoun Water staff and customers to access timely and accurate information about water use and usage patterns. 

Why did I receive a leak alert?
You received a leak alert because Loudoun Water noticed a water usage pattern at your property that may be indicative of a leak. But don’t worry just yet – this of often a minor and very easily corrected issue!

How was water usage pattern identified?
The water meters at your property provide Loudoun Water staff with information on a regular basis regarding water usage. As a courtesy, Loudoun Water notifies customers by email, letter or phone call regarding water usage that may appear to be outside of normal usage patterns.

Do I have a leak?
The water usage pattern recorded at your property may indicate that your property has a leak. Oftentimes, this can be easily remedied! Places to check for common leaks include toilets, faucets, shower heads and irrigation systems.

Customers have access to timely and accurate information about their water use and usage patterns in their LW Connect accounts. Customers are encouraged to monitor their water use using the water usage dashboard and customer history chart.

Do I need to call Loudoun Water?
Loudoun Water’s leak alerts are issued as a courtesy to let you know that it may be time to look around your house for possible leaks. It’s always better to spot and remedy leaks in earlier stages. Routine water-fixture maintenance and leak monitoring can add up to big savings on water bills and avoid wasting water.

Using the resources on our website and LW Connect to assisted in identifying any leaks that may be occurring on your property, you may be able to identify and address the problem without assistance. If you suspect that you have a leak but cannot repair it, please contact Loudoun Water before you contact a plumber.

How much water am I using?
A common concern many customers have is how much water is being wasted due to a leak. Often, the amount of water wasted does not amount to a lot. However, larger leaks can have an impact on your bill and are important to address. Look for common leaks like the ones listed above and if you still have trouble identifying the source of a leak, contact Loudoun Water at 571-291-7880.