What is Sewer Cleaning?

Routine Sewer Cleaning is important to keep things flowing as efficiently as possible. Debris in the sewer lines can cause backups and overflows, contribute to odors, and reduce capacity of the line. To prevent this, Loudoun Water utilizes combination jet and vacuum trucks equipped with a high pressure water hose. A special nozzle propels the hose up the sewer main and is then pulled back, flushing the debris down the sewer where a separate hose on the truck creates a powerful vacuum, removing debris from the system.

Does Sewer Cleaning affect my water and sewer service?

No, you may utilize your sanitary sewer service as normal during these activities. This process normally goes unnoticed. However, on occasion customers report hearing strange noises echoing in their homes or water gurgling in the toilets. This is typically caused by the combination of the force used in cleaning the sewer main and the inadequate venting of the home's plumbing system.

What precautions can I take?

Air movement from normal cleaning operations may cause gurgling or bubbling water in the toilet bowl during cleaning. In rare cases, water could splash out of the toilet bowl. This water comes from the bowl itself, not the sewer lines. These effects can be minimized by:

  • Keeping your toilet lid closed.
  • Keeping your toilet flushed.
  • Ensuring your sewer vent is clear.
  • Ensuring your sewer cleanout is clear if you have one. This is where the sewer lateral to your home can be accessed and is located near the perimeter of your home (usually in the front).

How can I protect my sewer pipes?

Only flush approved human and domestic waste down your drains to prevent clogging. Learn more at https://www.loudounwater.org/residential-customers/what-keep-out-your-drain.