Water Meter Request

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Water meters are issued to contractors who are building new properties in the Loudoun Water service area. The meter provides each property access to the public water system. Prior to receiving a meter, all connection fees must be paid and the lot has to have been inspected. Water meter installations for 5/8” to 1” meters are done between 24 and 72 hours after this. For installation for meters larger than 1” our Field Service Department will contact you to schedule your meter delivery.

Please make sure your connection fees have been paid and all inspections have passed BEFORE you submit this form.

Once your meter is set, the account will reside in the Builders name until the lot is sold and passes a meter crock inspection. It is the Builders responsibility to submit a Builder Transfer Form to Customer Relations to request a transfer of the account into the new owner's name. A failed meter installation will result in a $45.00 reinspection fee.