Reimbursement for Oversizing
When a pipe is requested to be upsized in order to meet the system’s needs, Loudoun Water will reimburse a developer the difference in the material cost between the actual pipe diameter installed and the pipe diameter sized sufficient to serve the development.

The Developer’s engineer may be required to provide a water model and/or a detailed sanitary sewer shed analysis to demonstrate the minimum pipe size needed to serve the development. Minimum pipe sizes must also adhere to the Loudoun Water Engineering Design Manual.

The reimbursement will be based on a table with per-linear-foot unit costs. The table is below and will be updated on an annual basis. The reimbursement table reflects the material costs on a per-linear-foot of pipe and takes into account pipe material, stone bedding, an average number of fittings and manholes, and sales tax for both water and sanitary sewer. 


  • Development demonstrates only an 8-inch diameter waterline is required
  • Loudoun Water determines that the system needs a 12-inch diameter waterline
  • For Example: 1,500 linear feet of 12-inch diameter waterline to be oversized and installed with the development
  • Reimbursement amount = (1,500 linear feet) x [(12-inch linear foot material cost) – (8-inch linear foot material cost)]  

At the time of construction plan approval, Loudoun Water will prepare the developer agreement, a reimbursement service map that portrays an approximate area that benefits from the requested oversized infrastructure, and the calculated total dollar amount for reimbursement. 

Reimbursement will occur in March of each year for up to 10 years and will be based on the connections made within the reimbursement service area after the project has passed the Beneficial Use inspection. 

Reimbursement for Future System Extensions
During the construction plan review, Loudoun Water may request water and/or sanitary sewer main extensions to be installed to the limit of the disturbed area of a development in order to facilitate future extensions. Loudoun Water will reimburse the Developer 100% of the installed cost of the requested length of pipe extensions that are not required by the development. 

Instances when a developer owns an adjacent parcel, even through a separate entity, will not be eligible for reimbursement for extending future infrastructure since it benefits them self.    

Following the project passing the Beneficial Use Inspection, the Developer will submit a written request for reimbursement including supporting documentation of the actual costs of the installation of the water and/or sanitary sewer utilities.  Upon Loudoun Water’s review and approval of the actual costs, the Developer will be reimbursed the approved actual cost the following March.