Loudoun Water’s Land Development Department accepts all Utility Extension Requests (UERs) and plan submissions electronically through our Utility Extension Request (UER) Form.

To estimate your fees please refer to Rates, Fees, Charges and Penalties | loudounwater.org.

Loudoun Water will provide an invoice within 3 working days from receipt of UER and all required file attachments. Payment for all Land Development related activities can be submitted using the Development Invoice Payment Options

Please note:  The invoice provided must be paid in full prior to plan assignment and review commencing.

The following are step-by-step guidelines for submission of the electronic UER and all required documents:

  • A requester (engineer/developer/owner) completes Utility Extension Request (UER) Form.
    • ALL UER submissions/re-submissions/RAP require construction plan and the Construction Plan Checklist prior to Loudoun Water issuing an invoice. Approved FastTrack applications will be required if applicable.
    • Vertical projects require construction cost estimate for every submission.
    • Linear re-submissions require construction cost estimate.
    • All re-submissions require Loudoun Water current comment response letter be uploaded (Loudoun Water comment letter with the applicant’s response).
  • Revision After Permit (RAP) will only be accepted after the Loudoun Water construction permit has been issued and only if the revision is necessary to avoid construction delays. Any submission prior to Loudoun Water construction permit issuance will be processed as a re-submission.
  • After submission of the UER form, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the developer/owner and engineer.  NOTE: If no confirmation email is received within a few minutes, please send an email to: plansubmission@loudounwater.org to alert Loudoun Water that you made a submission; please include project name and a list of documents submitted.
  • Files must be under 40MB in size. If your files are over 40MB or if you are having trouble uploading your files, please submit your UER without attachments and email plansubmission@loudounwater.org to request a link to securely upload your files.  Please include the project name and/or Loudoun Water project ID with your email request.
  • Loudoun Water receives the UER form and all required documents via the webform.
  • Loudoun Water will review the submitted information for completeness and provide an invoice within three working days via email, with payment options.
  • Once payment has been received and processed, the plan will be assigned, and review will begin.

Approximate review timelines (in working days):

  • Fast-track applications: 3 - 4 weeks 1st submission & all re-submissions.
  • Commercial: 4 - 5 weeks for 1st submissions, 4 - 5 weeks for re-submissions.
  • Residential:  6 - 7 weeks for 1st submissions, 4 - 5 weeks for re-submissions.
  • Revision after Permit (RAP):  2 - 3 weeks
    • Revision process will only be allowed once a Loudoun Water construction permit has been issued.
    • Revision to plans prior to the issuance of a Loudoun Water construction permit will only be accepted as a re-submission.
    • RAPs will not be accepted after the project has reached final inspection.
  • ​Vertical Projects: 7 - 8 weeks for each submission and re-submission. 

Please note: 
Requests to expedite reviews will not be considered. 
UER submission review timelines that fall the last week of the year and the first week of the new year will be extended by two weeks to accommodate end of year system updates.