Effective immediately, Loudoun Water’s Land Development Department will accept all Utility Extension Requests (UERs) and construction plan submissions electronically through our website.

Payment for all Land Development related activities (i.e. plan review fees, inspection fees, CCTV fees, record drawing fees, etc.) can be submitted several ways:

  1. Pay online
  2. Via check and mailed to: Loudoun Water, ATTN: Land Development Department, 44865 Loudoun Water Way, Ashburn, VA 20147. Please include a copy of your invoice with the check or reference the Loudoun Water invoice # on the check.
  3. Via check and dropped off at the drop box at Loudoun Water’s administration building (44865 Loudoun Water Way, Ashburn, VA 20147). Please include a copy of your invoice with the check or reference the Loudoun Water invoice # on the check.

The following are step-by-step guidelines for how our new process will work:

  1. A requester (engineer/developer/owner) completes Utility Extension Request (UER) online.
  2. After submission of the form, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the developer/owner and engineer.  NOTE: If no confirmation email is received within a few minutes, please send an email to: plansubmission@loudounwater.org
  3. Loudoun Water receives the online UER request form and attachments via the website.
  4. Loudoun Water will review the submitted information for completeness.  If all the information is acceptable, we will process the UER request. 
  5. Once processed, Land Development will email send the developer/owner an invoice along with instructions on how to pay through Loudoun Water’s online bill pay system. 
  6. To pay the invoice electronically go to: https://www.paybill.com/LoudounWater
    • You will need to have and enter the following information located on the invoice:
      • Account number – (from bottom of invoice)
      • Customer number – (from bottom of invoice)

a. Bill pay website will show the account and amount due.

b. Enter Bank information

c.Website will ask to confirm the payment amount.

d.Website will validate and provide confirmation information back from the invoice.

  1. Loudoun Water’s system processes all payments received before 3:00 PM (EST) overnight.  Any payments received after 3:00 PM (EST) are processed overnight the following day.
  2. Once payment has been received and cleared Loudoun Water’s system, the review process will begin.

Hardcopy submissions can still be submitted and accepted, however due to the current events we are strongly encouraging the development industry to utilize the above online process for the submission of all construction plan submissions moving forward.