Under Loudoun Water policies, the land owner/developer is responsible for construction of the sanitary sewer lateral and water service line from the home to the public main. Any residential service arrangement with Loudoun Water will be for the subject dwelling only, whose sanitary service line shall not receive flow from other properties, or from future development of the subject property to a use more intensive than a single home.  See below for the steps and costs of the connection process.

1. Acquire a Connection Permit from Loudoun Water. 

A. Request a connection permit. Please apply online.
B. Obtain approval after a short engineering review. Upon approval, a connection permit package will be mailed to you.
C. Pay any applicable fees:

Water Availability ChargePayment of this charge purchases your home capacity within the public water system. This is a standard charge for all new residential water connections.

Sewer Availability Charge: Payment of this charge purchases your home capacity within the public wastewater system. This is a standard charge for all new residential wastewater connections..

Connection ChargeThis is Loudoun Water’s charge for inspection of the applicant's work and set-up of the new account.

Meter Fee: Payment of this fee purchases a water meter, which Loudoun Water will furnish, for installation by the applicant for service.  This will serve as the basis for the billing of continuing service.

D. Execute the connection permit.  The permit must be signed by the owner or contractor and returned to Loudoun Water.

2. Request a preconstruction meeting. Upon completion of this request, a Loudoun Water inspector will be assigned to the project and will contact the applicant for service to review the inspection details and the selected contractor.

3. Perform the installation. The applicant for service is responsible for making the installation between the existing dwelling and the public main. This work must be done under the inspection of Loudoun Water and must conform to the applicable plumbing codes and Loudoun Water standards.  Loudoun Water’s standards can be in the engineering design manual.

4. Decommission and abandon any existing onsite treatment and disposal facilities (septic fields), in accordance with applicable Virginia and County regulations. Please contact the Loudoun County Department of Environmental Health for particulars.  It is important to close-out the onsite disposal permit from Loudoun County.

Service will be contingent upon the applicant for service complying with Loudoun Water’s Rates, Rules and Regulations; and Engineering Design Manual.