Water meters are issued to properties looking to provide new or additional water, sanitary sewer and/or reclaimed water connections in Loudoun Water’s service area. The meter provides each property access to Loudoun Water’s public system. Prior to receiving a meter, connection fees must be paid, all required inspections passed and administrative paperwork completed. Water meter installations will be scheduled for installation 24 to 72 hours after the meter request form has been submitted. For meters 1” and smaller, meters are installed by our Field Service Department. For meters 1.5” or larger, our Field Services Department will deliver the meter for installation.

Please use the links to find more information about each step to obtain the meter or refer to the workflow packet.

A failed meter crock inspection will result in a $45.00 re-inspection fee for each failure.

  • General guidelines required at meter installation:
    • Meter setter adjusted to correct meter dimension being requested?
    • Bottom of crock covered in gravel for residential meters?
    • Flared connections at meter setter visible for commercial meters?
    • Tracer wire installed?
    • Grade around crock correct?
    •  Frame level and centered on crock?
  • Request your meter
Reclaimed water meters have additional steps; please read Reclaimed Water Information Packet under Additional Reclaimed Water Information on our Pre-Design page.
To transfer service out of a builder's name, please fill out the Builder Transfer Form.